A smidge, a bite, a touch or a tidbit. Call it what you want. We prefer a morsel.

Morsels is our sweet spot, tucked away in the heart of Bellevue. We’re a cute little sliver of a storefront with a pink door. Owned and operated by Adrianna with special guest appearances from her husband, John, and a team of friendly faces, Morsels is the only spot in town open late to serve just a touch of sweets to hit the spot.

Morsels is the sweet result of a few creative pursuits. After years in the fashion and web design worlds, Adrianna found herself pulled towards the kitchen to embrace a love of baking that started with her Italian grandmother. Although she knew she had a knack for baking, it wasn’t until friends and co-workers started placing orders that Adrianna decided to invoke her entrepreneurial side.

In the winter of 2015, Morsels opened its doors and began serving its petite treats to Richmond. In just-right-sized servings, Morsels offers a variety of goodies ranging from Adrianna’s famous white chocolate raspberry bars to the delicious River City Mud Drop, and, of course, her grandmother’s take on the pignoli. And for those needing a bit more, we bake larger cakes and desserts for all manner of occasions. 

When we’re not baking we’re spending time with our families and livin’ our dream in Bellevue. For us, Morsels is just the icing on the cake.