We delight in making fun and unique desserts using the best quality ingredients around. You'll find a combination of our most popular treats along with seasonal treats featured in our shop each week. 

Our weekly menu can be found online here. Below you will find a list of our complete menu. We do not carry all items each week. Featured items are subject to availability.

You may purchase up to half a dozen of any single dessert or an unlimited variety of our available desserts during shop hours. If you would like more than 6 of a specific dessert we ask that you please contact us ahead of time to accommodate your request.  

Regular Bars

* White Chocolate Raspberry
Nutter Butter Blondies
Golden Oreo Cake Batter Blondies
Kitchen Sink Cookie Bars

Individual: $3.85 plus tax     Half Tray (6): $20   Full Tray (12): $38.50

Layered Bars

Berries n' Cream Bars
Bourbon Apple Pie Bar
Brown Butter Honey Pistachio
Buckeye Brownies
Cherry Cheesecake Bars 
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake 
Chocolate Coconut Toffee
 Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake
Cookies n' Cream
Lemon Bars
Maple Pecan Blondies
Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies
*Monster Bars
Pecan Pie Bar 
Peeps Marshmallow Brownies (seasonal)
Pumpkin Nutella Bars
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup S'mores Brownies
Red Velvet Brownies

Individual: $4.50    Half Tray (6): $23    Full Tray (12): $45.00

*Billionaire Bars

Chocolate, peanut butter, nougat, peanuts, homemade salted caramel and more chocolate peanut butter layered in a delicious gluten free bar. 

Individual: $4.95    Half Tray (6): $25    Full Tray (12): $49.50

*River City Mud Drops

Our signature egg-free chocolate-chip cookie dough, wrapped in a brownie, and dipped in dark chocolate.
$3.95 each

*Sugar Cookie Blondie Mud Drops

Egg-free sugar cookie sprinkle cookie dough, wrapped in a blondie, and dipped in dark chocolate with rainbow sprinkles on top.
$3.95 each


Italian Pignolis (3) $3.95
Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate Drizzle (3) $3.95
Sea Salt Vanilla Butterscotch Toffee (4) $3.95
Vegan Chai Snickerdoodles (4) $3.95 
Gluten-Free Large Bakery Style Cookie $3.75
Gluten-Free Giant Cookie Sandwich $6.95

Cake Balls

$2.25 each
 Minimum order 2 dozen. One flavor per dozen.  
Discounts available on orders over 4 dozen. 
Please provide at least one weeks notice on all dessert orders. 

Cake Pops

$3.95 each
 Minimum order 2 dozen. One flavor per dozen. 
Discounts available on orders over 4 dozen. Cake pops are larger and served on a stick. 
Please provide at least one weeks notice on all dessert orders. 

* Signature Morsels dessert
Prices do not reflect sales tax.
*PLEASE NOTE: Our kitchen makes products with nuts, gluten, flour, dairy, soy and other known allergens. We make every effort to maintain the integrity of our gluten-free, nut-free and vegan treats.